Marketo-Bizzabo Integration for hybrid events?

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Marketo-Bizzabo Integration for hybrid events?

Discussions about Bizzabo are from a couple years back. Is anybody working with it now? How is it like? 
There are some aspects of live events that are very attractive to the events team, and I've heard it is great for that. What about the Marketo integration?

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Re: Marketo-Bizzabo Integration for hybrid events?

Bizzabo team is continuously working on improvement areas and I have seen significant improvements. However, below are a few things:

  1. If you have Bizzabo directly integrated with Marketo, the sync works in one direction i.e. from Bizzabo to Marketo only. Bizzabo only supports one way sync and they were working on bidirectional sync, so you can have a discussion with their support team on the same. 
  2. You can send registrations from Marketo to Bizzabo using webhook and you need a ticket ID and event ID to achieve the same.
  3. There are customization limitations with Bizzabo assets (emails and landing pages). 
  4. You need to ask the Bizzabo integration team to initiate the Marketo sync (Marketo program ID and Bizzabo event ID) every time you set up an event.  

But, yes setting up and running an event in Bizzabo is easy and their support team is responsive enough.