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Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue


I've just started monitoring an instance which is functional for the past 6 years, and identified many SFDC sync issues. Here are the issues which we're presently encountring:

1) Why: Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.

Error details:

CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY: i.tAA_L_OtherEmails_valid: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

2) Why: Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.

Error details:

FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: <font color="blue"><br/>DUPECATCHER WARNING! The Lead that you edited was not saved.</font><br/><font color="blue">It has been blocked because the value of the Lead 'Email' field that you entered is similar to the 'Email' field of the Leads listed below.</font><br/><br/><font color="green">Click on the links below to view or edit the potential duplicate records.</font><br/>Potential duplicate Lead record: <a href="../00QF00000aaaaaa13aaa">Ajay Sarpal</a><br/>Potential duplicate Lead record: <a href="../00QF000000aaadc11">Ajay Sarpal</a><br/>

3) If we upload the leads directly to Marketo, the leads are not getting synced with the SFDC campaign. It seems there is a mandatory field in SFDC called ISV, and whenever we try syncing the data we get following error message:

Error details:


Sync Lead to SFDC caught exception


Failed: MALFORMED_ID: ISV: id value of incorrect type: N/A

How could we fix above stated issues?

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Re: Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

Hi Ajay,

1) this is serious: you are probably having some triggers and even some cascading ones, driving to a significant consumption of CPU time on Salesforce servers. ONe of the things you can do here is ask Marketo support to reduce the number of leads and or activities send in each batch during sync

2) this is raised by a dupe blocker app. Either SFDC own one or a third party one

3) this field obviously requires an SFDC ID. YOu are providing probably a name instead...


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Re: Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

Thank you, Greg!

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Re: Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

I cannot get mine to sync at all. Checked the settings, the campaigns that are set in the process and even turned off and on the org wide sync. It finished after an hours and still not leads in my programs... this needed to run this morning and being new to Marketo this is pressure on pressure. Any help would be great,


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Re: Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

Check in SFDC for the field and see if it has a picklist, ensure that your import values have the same selections. Additionally make sure that all SFDC required fields are not blank.

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Re: Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

is there a way for Marketo support to change MKTO to SFDC sync to use 100 per API call rather than 200 records per API call? This would get around the Apex CPU time limit exceeded and System.LimitException: errors