Marketo and SFDC integration

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Marketo and SFDC integration

Hi All,

We are revisiting our current integration with Marketo and SFDC CRM and have arrived at the below two options to ensure we have better Lead Management/attribution/routing at our company.

Lead Management with our current integration:

Our company is multi-brand/product company and we push only new MQLs(online and offline) to SFDC queues by assigning respective campaign membership and create tasks for owners of lead/contact for existing MQLs(Marketing qualified leads).

With our current process, we have lot of manual steps, incorrect association of tasks to owners when lead shows multi-brand interest, is confusing to our sales teams resulting in missed opportunities and negative customer experience. It also hinders our ability to measure ROI. On a positive note we are able to limit our db size.

Ideal State:

We would like to push all MQL inquiries to SFDC using territory rules or queues without increasing our db size.

Option 1:

Introduce purposeful duplicates in Marketo and CRM.

We should identify other fields that could be used as deduplication fields apart from email address.

In our case, if we want anyone submitting form or part of tradeshow list having a different brand value(in our case, we could identify brand as secondary dedupe field for Xylem)  could be synched with SFDC as a separate record instead of task. If we take this route we will see an increase in our db size(will have to pay more even if we go over the limit by few records) and we would need to be very careful to make sure that duplicates are ONLY being created when we intend them to be as using a secondary dedupe field has the potential for introducing a massive amount of duplicate records into our database.

Issue/challenges with Option 1:

Even though I expand our custom dedupe to brand, it will not allow the same brand associated leads to flow into CRM. I will have to remove dedupe parameters and push everything into Marketo

Increase in db size directly proportional to cost

EPI server is our CMS and it pushes are web leads to Marketo static lists and I see a challenge with Marketo data retention policy where we will not be able to run reports past 90 days

Option 2: Load New records to CRM directly.

Other option is to submit new records to CRM directly and use a custom sync filter to ensure marketo sync user does not have access to so we can prevent it from syncing into Marketo and creating a duplicate. This method would ensure that Marketo only had the primary record and CRM would hold each duplicate. However any change made to a duplicate will not be pushed to the primary record in Marketo and a method would need to be developed to capture data and push it into CRM without creating a duplicate in Marketo for this process to work.

Issue/challenge with Option 2:

Need dedicated Data Management team to ensure this is handled effectively

Manual Data management by Marketing and sales teams in CRM

Foresee issues with training and redefining processes

Have to integrate CMS and other systems with CRM instead of Marketo

I would like to get your thoughts and recommendations for the above two options and would also like to understand how other multi-brand/product companies have resolved this issue.