Marketo and ReadyTalk Registration Issues

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Marketo and ReadyTalk Registration Issues

We are integrated with ReadyTalk which hosts our webinars. We are seeing issues when individuals try to register or enter the live event on the day of. They are either redirected to the registration landing page or only partial information (such as email without a fist/last name) are captured. We are using this link in our emails to direct them to the webinar page:{{my.SEID}}&vevent_email={{lead.Email Address}}&vevent_first_name={{lead.First Name}}&vevent_last_name={{lead.Last Name}}&vevent_password=Passw0rd&vevent_send-email=false

People are having trouble registering on the day of the webinar and once registered, they are having trouble accessing the live event. I have removed the "mkt_tok" tracking from the hyperlink above on any confirmation emails.

Does the "mkt_tok" effect where registrants are routed via the URL/hyperlink? Does the "mkt_tok" effect what information we would capture if the link is tokenized? Is there any other information someone can provide us on why leads are have difficulty entering the webinars/registering the day of especially if the "mkt_tok" tracking is deactivated.

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Re: Marketo and ReadyTalk Registration Issues

I may be going in the wrong direction here, but are people having issues with the ReadyTalk live event or logging in issues, when we tested this, the issue was due to the console being in Flash and not having the HTML5 player enabled. I'd first check your VEC Settings in ReadyTalk, go to Vec Settings > Integrations & Delivery, see if HTML5 player is enabled:

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.26.38.png

By not having HTML5 player on, we've had issues where people can not log in, you may want to consult your ReadyTalk expert on possible risks (if any) of turning this on.

If this doesn't fix the issue, we can look at the integration part, but I don't see any issues with your URL or why you'd need to disable mkt_tok.