Marketo and Dynamics 365 Online sync

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Marketo and Dynamics 365 Online sync


I've got a couple of questions about the Marketo - Dynamics 365 sync for somebody who uses it.


1) When I go to download the Marketo Solution for Lead Management to be installed on Dynamics, I noticed the same file gets downloaded whether I select the Dynamics On-premise 2016 version, or the Dynamics Online version. Both links download the 2016 zip file. Is this correct? 


2) I've followed the steps for integrating Marketo with Dynamics 365 but am experiencing an issue with the Marketo Sync User security role. I don't see the role anywhere in Dynamics despite a seemingly successful installation of the solution. I also saw the Security Role was in fact part of the zip solution, so it should appear and be assignable. Has anybody seen this happen before?





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Re: Marketo and Dynamics 365 Online sync

Did you ever find a solution for your first question?  We are new to Marketo and are seeing the same issue with the download file.  Marketo Support isn't much help at this point.