Marketo and Dell Boomi Integration

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Marketo and Dell Boomi Integration


Can anyone help me with the Step-by-Step process of Marketo and Dell Boomi Integration? Also, our Dell Boomi Admin as requested below these details: 

1. Endpoint, request/response Payload, header
2. Client id and secret
3. identity URL if you have identity API to extract the token


I have the 2nd and 3rd details, But I am confused with the 1st point. Where can I find these details, and what does that term mean?


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Re: Marketo and Dell Boomi Integration

Mentioning details about the 2nd and 3rd pointers as well for the sake of completeness in case someone looking at it in the future is curious.


Well, you'd need to create an API user in Marketo with the right set of permissions, create a custom service using that API user in the Launchpoint, and then generate the Client Secret and Client ID, and then share those with your Dell Boomi Admin. Client Secret and Client Id are required to generate the short-lived (60-minute) access token that can be used to authenticate requests made to Marketo via the API. You'd also need to share the REST endpoint of your instance, which you can find in Marketo Admin > Webservices > REST API > Endpoint.


Read all about creating a new API user here:

Create a custom service in Marketo:

Identity endpoint for generating the access token:!/Iden...


Also, different APIs in Marketo have different endpoints and header/query parameters, payload requirements, and you can check those on the Marketo Developers page, or let us know what you want to do, and we can share the API endpoint details for the same.