Marketo 2.0 for non-developers

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Marketo 2.0 for non-developers

Hi all,

I am a marketer that frequently builds and produces their own emails. I have been using Marketo 1.0 for a while and my company is now making the switch to 2.0.  I have enough basic knowledge of css/html to work in 1.0, but am nervous about the more complex nature of 2.0.

Has anyone else made the switch to 2.0 with limited access to a developer or engineer?


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Re: Marketo 2.0 for non-developers

Samantha Clapton

I would say email 2.0 is actually a benefit for anyone who is less technically savvy, as you can preconfigure modules for all your commonly needed situations and then have a lot of flexibility to build the emails you need without being stuck with a rigid template or needing to touch code.

Of course to get started, you will need to either buy a template or hire a developer or agency to build you email 2.0 templates to take full advantage of all the features.

But once you do that, assuming you build your templates carefully with a wide range of modules for your uses and variables for things you might need to change, then you should find yourself in a better spot than before. We've done a few email 2.0 migrations for clients now and people seem happy.

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Re: Marketo 2.0 for non-developers

If you are comfortable with defining variables, it's really easy to start making gains with Email 2.0 right out of the box without any developer. Before you go and redraw up everything, I would suggest starting with a reliable template you already use all of the time, clone it, and then just slowly introduce features one at a time. When you are more comfortable, define a container and some reusable modules.

In our experience, our emails have pretty consistent designs, so we have not been very interested in conjuring very complex emails with lots of fiddly bits. But we have definitely used 2.0 to standardize and speed up our email drafting process. Very slick. Very easy.