Marketing Nation Update – Making It Easier and Faster to Get the Exact Information You Need!

Marketo Employee

Marketing Nation Update – Making It Easier and Faster to Get the Exact Information You Need!

Hello Marketing Nation!


I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to let you know about some exciting updates we made to the Community interface recently. These improvements make it easier to interact and sort Community content, view your personal messages and notifications, and learn about your peers’ contributions in Community. Please read the summary below and let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


Community Feed


The first change we made was adjusting how posts are surfaced in the Community feed. Now, you can see the latest replies to all topics in Community, even if the topic was published a week or a month ago. This way, you can stay up to date on the latest conversations your peers are having. We’ve included some post metadata so you can see which of your peers responded or created the post.




We made sure to keep the previous feed for the individuals that still prefer it. You can still filter by net new topics by clicking on the “Recently Created” option in the “Sort By” dropdown menu on the top right of the feed.




We also added additional controls for Discussion type posts. You’ll notice that the Discussions tab has new sorting options that allow you to filter discussions by Solved, Unsolved, and Unanswered. While solved questions have an answer already marked by the question author or moderator, unsolved questions are defined as threads that do not have an accepted solution, and unanswered questions are defined as threads that do not have any replies. This addition makes it even simpler to identify verified solutions. And, it helps the Marketo gurus out there find questions that need an answer!





The Discussions tab has new filters which allow you to sort discussion posts based on likes and views to see which topics your peers are talking about the most and jump into the ones in which you’re interested. When sorting by either of these two options, a conditional filter will appear which allows you to filter for the most viewed or most liked posts in the past day, month, year, or of all time.





Notification, Messaging, and Profile Dropdown Menus


We’ve added new Messaging and Notification centers that provide you with a summarized view of your conversations and personal Community updates. They can be accessed at the top right of the Community, next to your profile avatar. These new centers allow you to conveniently skim over a new message in your inbox, quickly glance at a thread reply you just received, admire a badge you just earned, and more!


The profile dropdown has also been redesigned to be more streamlined. By clicking on your profile avatar, you can swiftly access your profile, notification settings, subscriptions, and more.


Profile Hover Cards


Curious about your peers and what they’re doing? To more easily view a fellow Community members’ information, we’ve added profile hover cards for all members. By hovering your cursor over a username hyperlink anywhere in Community, you can see a user’s level, title and location (if stated), date last visited, total # of received likes, posted topics/replies, and accepted solutions. You can also friend or message a user directly from their profile hover card.