map external field to known field

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map external field to known field


How can I go about mapping an incoming field name from an external form to a known marketo field name.


A form on a website has a hidden field of pdfname

Marketo has a field of pdf_document__C, mapped from sales force.

How can I get marketo to push the data from the website field name to the marketo field?


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Re: map external field to known field

Hi Matt,

You will have to use the forms 2.0 API and post a Marketo form in the background when someone fills out a form on your web site.

See Make a Marketo Form Submission in the background


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Re: map external field to known field

In situations like this, you use a form-to-form mapping table before doing a Forms 2.0 API form post.

See my comments on this old Community post and accompanying demo code.

With the helper functions in place, the actual mapping becomes easy to express:

var mktoObj = objectMapToObject(dNNForm,{

      'cntctFirstName' : 'FirstName',

      'cntctLastName' : 'LastName',

      'cntctEmail' : 'Email',

      'cntctPhone' : 'Phone',

      'cntctCompany' : 'Company',

      'cntctService' : 'Service__c',

      'cntctComments' : 'Comments__c',