Major CRM Dynamics 2011 slowdown with Marketo sync active

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Major CRM Dynamics 2011 slowdown with Marketo sync active

My primary purpose for posting this is to see if anyone else running Dynamics 2011 has experienced this and found a solution. We run MS Dynamics 2011 on-premise using newly built virtual servers. I could provide all the detail if necessary.

The issue we are experiencing is when trying to run bulk edits directly in our CRM environment (9000+ account records) through workflows. Our CRM system locks up with thousands of workflows stuck in waiting status which makes our complete system unusable. This procedure ran successfully in the past before installing the Marketo solution, but for the past 2 months the bulk edit job has caused a lock up. We’ve ran tests on our staging environment that shows that after uninstalling the Marketo solution from CRM, the bulk edit jobs in CRM run very fast. When the Marketo solution is installed and we run a bulk edit, our system slows down and usually locks up due to workflows being stuck.

We’ve tried the following with the Marketo solution still installed and found no improvement:
  • Disable the sync from our Marketo environment
  • Unchecked 90% of the fields Marketo was syncing
We've also tried a number of suggested SQL and CRM optimizations from our CRM vendor, but they haven't made a difference in the lock up issue. The only solution so far has been to completely uninstall the Marketo solution from CRM and run these bulk jobs.
Obviously, uninstalling and reinstalling the Marketo solution on a monthly basis to run these jobs isn’t a long term solution. Marketo support has been helpful, but has not been able to provide a solution.
Thanks for reading.
Greg K.
Cleveland, Ohio
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Re: Major CRM Dynamics 2011 slowdown with Marketo sync active

Have you spoken with Marketo Support and Dynamics Support?