Re: 「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」

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「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」




【Mailプログラムを利用する(Mail Program】-Email Send


【デフォルトプログラムを利用する(Default Program)】-Email Blast




Always I am indebted. It is GE.

When sending mail via Marketo, I think that you can think of the following two ways in the setting of the program.

[Using Mail Program (Mail Program)]-Email Send

[Using Default Program (Default Program)]-Email Blast

Please tell me about these differences.

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Re: 「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」

There are some differences between the Default program and the Email Send program.

Email send program.

  • You have access to the stats dashboard after sending.
  • Easy to perform an A/B split test.

Default Program

  • Much more flexible. You have the ability to add nested campaigns within the campaign.

If the plan is to simply send out an email blast, the email send program will work fine. But if you're looking to add any other campaigns or any complexity to the campaign, I would recommend the Default Program.

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Re: 「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」

Thank you for responding.

For example, there are 10,000 leads working in hospitals,

Do you recognize that if you want to send the same e-mail newsletter to all 10,000 people (or A / B test) using e-mail program(channel "Email Send")?

Also, if you want to send different mails among 10,000 people by a radiologist or a doctor, is there a recognition that you use Default Program(channel "Email Blast")?

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Re: 「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」

The Email Send Program lets you send one email (apart from whole email split tests) to one audience. If you want to send different emails to different audiences your best bet is probably the Email Blast Program where you use a Smart Campaign to send the email. That gives you the flexibility to do the following in the flow:

If Radiologist, Send Email A

If Cardiologist, Send Email B