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Looking for lead augmentation services

Does anyone have any good (and tested) lead service platforms that integrate with Marketo forms to augment lead data -- for example -- asking for name and email and phone and being able to add company and job title etc ... I have used a few over the years and only tend to get about 60% hit rate at best and that only tends to be about 50-50% accurate. 

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Re: Looking for lead augmentation services

The Marketo Launch Point site might be useful - Check out "Data Quality and Data Enrichment". 


I haven't used any of these myself, but I believe that most of them work by using the Marketo "call webhook" flow step to push out the details of the person who filled out the form. The webhook comes back with the enriched lead profile and fills in the fields.

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Re: Looking for lead augmentation services

We are using DemandBase, DiscoverOrg (soon to be replaced by Zoominfo) and Clearbit. All of them work the way Philipp described, as webhooks outgoing from Marketo with a response that populates Marketo data fields.


60% match rate sounds about right to me, but only for non-ISP email domains. Naturally these services tend to fail if you send I guess it depends on your audience how high the match rate eventually is.


There are a ton of caveats about these services in my opinion: How accurate are the data? That is extremely hard to assess I find. What happens if different sources contradict themselves and who gets priority then? Do you allow Salesforce synced fields to get overridden or do you have to store everything in temporary fields and decide by a rule set whether or not to override? And if you're operating in international markets: How reliable are these services when it comes to non-US companies?


You can set up the webhooks relatively quickly but the strategic questions are not at all easy to answer IMO.