List Building Strategies?

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List Building Strategies?

Would love to hear your strategy on list building and what you have found successful or not in your experience - our main focus has been North America based so that's where most of our current leads are so in growing/expanding internationally I am looking to build out our leads in LATAM (Brazil, Mexico), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia), Australia, Europe, etc while also augmenting/growing out our lead database within the U.S. 

In doing more digging/reading various blogs/articles online the practice of list buying seems not preferred. Though maybe in very specific demographics it does work out ... Curious as to what people have used successfully as some options I've come across along with what our agency has recommended include: 

1. Targeted List Buying
2. Targeted List Rentals from Brokers
3. Partnering with Relevant Associations for some type of Content Syndication which would be some type of Download Content Offer linking to a Marketo Landing page
4. Partnering with Relevant Associations for Newsletters 
5. Others?

In the EU I've read they have pretty complex privacy laws around Spam - seemingly partnering with the Associations would get around that since anyone in those associations would only be getting messaging from those associations and not from us directly. A short background is we are a B2B SaaS global supply chain solutions company and are target customers do reside in highly targeted industries. 

I am new to all this so any advice/suggestions would be great as I am just trying to get my head around this whole subject - Thanks in advance for any insight!
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Re: List Building Strategies?

I wouldn't just buy a list and import it. What I'd do is rent a list properly, email or mail the list (or via the list owner) and drive them back to the site for an offer. Or i could rent space on an email newsletter.

But you have to have some sort of offer and it has to be done in steps: email for a content, email for newsletter, name for X, more info for more valuable item, then a call.