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Link Style

I'm new to Marketo and am working on our templates. I've created a link style in the template, but when I send myself the test message I'm not seeing the style applied in gmail. I see it in the email preview and fine on my phone and Mac Mail. Does the style need to be inline for gmail? Any tips would be appreciated.

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Re: Link Style

Hi Esena,

I've come across this same issue with Gmail, and the easiest way that I've found to fix it is to put the styles inline.

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Re: Link Style

I was going to say the same thing as Corey. I always will add inline styles for underlines, no underlines, color, etc. for all of my links.

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Re: Link Style

Hi Esena Jackson​,

As Corey and Bryan mentioned you can add this css inline with the link in advance section or you can add the css in the template with important tag.