Link ID Click Tracking?

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Link ID Click Tracking?

Just trying to capture some basic data surrounding an email send for a webinar.

Our email invites contain two buttons and a text link to get to the registration page. We just wanted to determine which individual link placement was converting the best, so I gave each of the links its own intuitive ID (Text Link, Lower Button, Upper Button) in the advanced setting from the hyperlink menu. I also confirmed that these changes populated within the actual HTML for the email.

I just pulled a smartlist to check out the results. The email received a lot clicks and we received a good volume of registrations, but when I add the Link ID constraint no clicks have been registered.

Any idea what the issue is here? Did I not follow some sort of mandatory naming convention for Link ID? Can this data not be captured within an email send where a subject line A-B test is taking place?

Thank you!

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Re: Link ID Click Tracking?

HTML ID attributes may not contain spaces (this isn't a Marketo rule, it's an HTML rule).