Length of time for an Email Campaign to send

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Length of time for an Email Campaign to send

Hi All 

    I wanted to see if anyone knows why a basic email campaign takes several hours or a day to send, whereas, with an A/B Test, the bulk of the emails are sent within the first hour (and then winner sent at least four hours later). 

     I usually do my client's emails as an A/B Test, and pick 95% to go initially and the remaining 5% to go to the Winning Test 24 hours later - the first round of 95% generally goes out within the first hour.  Today, I sent their email out without a Test and, five hours later, only 90% of the emails have been sent...  

      Just curious if anyone knows of the reason for the time difference on these emails going out?  Trying to make sure I maximize their needs!

Thank you!

  Jenn L.

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Re: Length of time for an Email Campaign to send

Hi Jen, have you always sent the the emails at the same time/day and to the same audience criteria? It could potentially be the processing load in your instance at that moment (e.g. if there are other emails sending or trigger/batch campaigns processing) or possibly even the data center your instance is on. You might want to try using the Head Start setting to pre-process the audience, which may help the send go faster and more in line with your selected time.


Generally, I've found that emails can take 24 hrs to deliver, especially to folks overseas.


Hope this helps!