Leads = People Now?

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Re: Leads = People Now?

This didn't change on my instance, but it's how I describe the database internally at my company (since my CRM guys get confused about Marketo leads = salesforce leads AND salesforce contacts). I'd love to see this change in my instance!

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Re: Leads = People Now?

Oh no!  I'm going to have to update my infographic on system naming terminology once this settles.

Interestingly, the only other system I've seen use People is Engagio (you can see that on the Infographic).

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Re: Leads = People Now?

I heard back from support and these "People" changes were rolled out to our instance when we renewed and we will see People in our instance moving forward.

They indicated that if you have an active instance, you might see this change after the renewal of your Marketo subscription and brand new instances of Marketo will have People not Leads.

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Re: Leads = People Now?

We utilize SFDC and have a custom field called Source. It looks like this change has caused some mapping issues, as there are now two fields in Marketo called Source. When I look at the field mapping, the Marketo field Source is mapped to the custom SFDC field (Source_c). I also see a field called Lead Source, which is mapped to the field I am looking for (LeadSource). What I need is for the Marketo field Source to be mapped to the SFDC field with the API Name LeadSource. Has anyone else had a similar issue with this change? I have already opened a case with Marketo, but I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue.



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Re: Leads = People Now?

Here's the official announcement: Naming Convention Update

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Re: Leads = People Now?

I noticed this too, so startling, I can't believe we didn't get an email about this happening! All of a sudden Lead Source is People Source, and I can't even find where Lead Status is at all! I tried looking up People Status and just Status and NADA. Is anyone else having this problem?