Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

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Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

I know this question has been posted but can't find a satisfactory answer.

What is the best practice for tracking lead sources in a campaign?

I am tagging links from different sites with UTM tracking codes. For example, Google AdWords. How do I see in Marketo that the lead came to fill out my form via clicking on the ad?

Bonus points if someone can explain how to view this information in Salesforce.

I am new to Marketo (3 months) so I would greatly appreciate an answer geared towards a beginner...

Thank you!
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Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

Hi Eitan, 
You should first create new fields in Admin - Field Management, you can call them similar to the utm parameters. Then you add these fields to your forms and set them up as hidden fields (under Input type) and specify these collect values from URL (Get Dynamic Value) and enter parameter name. 
Hidden fields will now pass defined parameters values from URL to hidden fields in Marketo.  
I'm Daynamics user but logic should be same to Salesforce - you create this same fields in SF and include them in Sync between Marekto and Salesforce.
Useful link:
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Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

Thanks for the answer.
I'm not sure I fully understand what to do.
I created a new field - utmBlog for links that come from my blog.
I entered the field in the form and made it hidden. 
Not sure I understood exactly what to do from that point...

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Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

Hi Eitan, 

Ok, that's half of the work. Now, select the hidden field and in Properties scroll down to Autofill. Next to Autofill is Edit link; hit it and new window appears where you need to define: 
  1. Deafult value: if you have default value enter it here if not just type NULL
  2. Get Value From: this is cruicial part and here you need to select how you will get parameters, so here you need to select URL Parameter from the drop down menu
  3. Parameter name: enter your URL parameter from link - utm_source

Repeat the same proceedure for all hidden fields. There should be one field for utm_source, another for utm_medium, next for utm_campaign, utm_term or any other parameter you're using.

Hope this helps.
Please note that steps described above are for Form 2.0 editor.  
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Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

Please make sure you create the parameter fields in SFDC FIRST.

You do not need a utm_blog, what you need are the fields Sara described where you say


and then this data appears in Marketo and SFDC. You can also trigger additions to Programs or SFDC Campaigns with that data.

Then you create a utm parameter creator:

and Marketo then pulls that in.
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Re: Lead Source, UTM Tracking, and Marketo

Two quick questions, Josh.

  1. I included hidden fields to capture utm parameters for forms within Marketo landing pages that we're driving traffic to through paid search. But, I'm getting quite a few blank sources coming through. Thoughts?
  2. I'm also receiving quite a few default ("no source", as an example). Thoughts on what % of overall form fills I should expect to see blank and default values?