Lead Source Strategy

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Lead Source Strategy

Thinking through how first touch and last touch params are stored and read on form submission. Assuming we use javascript to capture as here MarTech/UTM-Tracking at master · yanirclsr/MarTech · GitHub .I understand we create total 12 hidden fields on the form and set each field to read the value from the cookie on form submission. Then we run operational smart campaigns to set the lead source and lead source detail field values from the data captured. Am I correct in understanding?

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Re: Lead Source Strategy

Hi Gunpreet,

if you are populating hidden fields from the form, you won't need operational smart campaigns, the lead source and lead source detail are already populated (if those are the fields you are using).

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Re: Lead Source Strategy

Thanks for responding. I meant if we are using below hidden fields on form submission -

First Touch Cookies:







Last Touch Cookies:







Then we need would smart campaigns to populate lead source and lead source detail fields, I was just wondering if someone is using that js code and is working well for them.