Lead scoring logic

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Lead scoring logic

Is it possible to export the live lead scoring logic that is being used in Marketo?

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Re: Lead scoring logic

No, it’s not possible for 2 complementary reasons:


1. Lead scoring can be implemented in infinite ways throughout your Marketing Activities tree, there’s no one place called “lead scoring”. In Admin » Field Management, you can find the Smart Campaigns and Smart Lists that directly use your scoring fields, but this naturally doesn’t include the logic that leads to those SCs/SLs. (For completeness, it also doesn’t include scores calculated via webhook or external API.)


2. While you can export Smart Lists (including Smart Campaign SLs) via the Marketo API, you can’t export Flow steps. I’ve previously posted code to export Flows from the Marketo UI to a file, but of course you need to know which SC to look at first.