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Lead Scoring Baseline Report

Hello! We recently implemented lead scoring and the CEO has asked for a "baseline" report. Showing what everyone's score was when we "turned on" the scoring. It's only been about a month since we started the scoring, but he just asked for the report. Of course there has been quite a bit of movement on the behavior side of things in a month. 


Is there a way to see where everyone was when we ran the first batch campaigns to score everyone currently in our database? I know the smart lists and reports only show what things are currently, but I was wondering if there was a workaround. Like can I export a scoring activity log with the person's email address and scoring activity dates to Excel and manually do this? I am not worried about manual stuff - not a big deal.


I have set up some monthly reports about score movement that I found on previous threads, so I will be good moving forward. 🙂


Thanks so much!

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Re: Lead Scoring Baseline Report

You could do it by exporting user activity logs via the API (or by going into each person individually and downloading it). Then you could manipulate the data to work out the score at certain times. But it would be absolutely brutal to do for more than a handful of people 🙂


This sort of thing is best done in an internal BI (business intelligence) tool, but aware it might not be possible right now.

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Re: Lead Scoring Baseline Report

If you filter the activities API only for the change data value ID you can find every change on the score, including the old value for every change. Them you'd only need to find the first change for every lead and get the old value.