Lead Score displaying incorrect values

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Lead Score displaying incorrect values

Hello Community,

I inherited this database and am trying to resolve an issue with lead scoring.

I rewrote the demographic scoring criteria. I then reset demographic scores to be zero, and lead score to equal behavioral score. The system took this adjustment just fine. When I ran the leads back through the demographic scoring program, the Lead Scores are adding additional values that do not add up to Demographic + Behavioral. This misalignment was occurring previously, but I thought resetting them may correct the issue.

Does anyone know why this is happening or where the additional values may be coming from? Is there a better approach?

Thank you!


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Re: Lead Score displaying incorrect values

Hi Noelle,

This is because, when you set the demographic scoring, for some of them, you do not add the same number of points to the lead score.

I really prefer not to do it that way and to perform the score additions through the CRM (if you use SFDC, create a workflow that adds the b score and the d score and returns the total in the lead score field).

If you do not have a CRM, you can also use a webhook or even ask for Marketo professional services to setup a munchtion to to the addition (this service has a cost, though).