Lead reporting, multiple countries

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Lead reporting, multiple countries

I have been set to find a good way of reporting our leads

At our instance we cover around 10 different languages which means that each landing pages are cloned into these languages. This seems to do the reporting harder.

What I would like in the first place are unique visitors / form submission showed per country over a period of time, furthermore I also would like information on how many of these that has been qualified/ disqualified by sales (Dynamics) and after that how many of the qualified that has been won/success

So basically, a funnel report, but I can’t find a way how to do this.

Microsoft BI doesn’t work since it does to many calls

I haven't been successful in using DOMO

Since these reports are done each week I would like it to be as automated as possible and hence don’t want to export to excel and do pivot tables there.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Lead reporting, multiple countries

You need to combine GA data with Marketo's data. Surprised DOMO won't do this?