Lead Rating Best Practices

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Lead Rating Best Practices

I am looking for best practices to implement a Lead Rating program in Marketo. For Lead Rating I mean a value that combines demographic score and behavioral score into one, such as A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. Is there a template program available? I am looking for the most efficient way to implement this logic without too much complexity added.



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Re: Lead Rating Best Practices

I mean it looks like you want basically two different scoring models--  one that is behavioral and one that is demographic.

if you use a 100 point scale -- you could say any behavior score 100-90 is A,  80-89 is B, 70-79 is C, 60-69 is D, anything below 60 is F

Another score that is demographic-- same deal -  100-90 is 1, 80-89 is 2, etc.

That part is straight forward (assuming you already know what you are scoring these leads on)

Then in your CRM create a workflow, trigger to concatenate these two fields. 

Or you could use them as token to populate a 3rd field in Marketo and do something like {{lead.DemographicScore}}{{lead.BehavioralScore}}  if you want to do this on the marketo side instead of the CRM.

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Re: Lead Rating Best Practices

You will need three fields

  • Lead score (comes with)
  • Behavior Score
  • Demographic Score

last two you need to create in SFDC and sync over on both record types. Then in Marketo, change them to Score field type.

@Paul, you can't quite do what you say here. Instead, the trigger or batch scoring has to have two flows:

  • Lead Score = {{my.score name}}
  • Behavior Score= {{my.score name}}

or use scoring +5 or whatever.

If you want to use letters, then the field types need to change somehow.

Then your MQL flow has to say, anyone with Behavior AT LEAST X and Demo AT LEAST Y can go through.

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Re: Lead Rating Best Practices

Josh Hill

Ah see, I was thinking this was beyond just a simple behavior+demo score situation--  points are fairly straight forward.  It was the converting it to that Alphanumeric string that posed an interesting problem.   I assume he was sort of going for an X/Y axis approach.  (Letters on X, numbers on Y) A1 being the top right  corner

I was looking at 5




Collect your Demo and Behavior score however you normally would (assuming this has been implemented)

a smart campaign using conditional statements and  BETWEEN on Demoscore to assign the AlphaNumDemoScore

and then same on behavior.  

Merge them together on AlphaNumLeadScore.

But if he has a mechanism to convert them to AlphaNum on the SF side-- then your method is 100% what he should do