Lead LIfecycle Question

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Lead LIfecycle Question

How is everyone handling mulitple form submissions from one person?  

The scenario is as follows:

1. Someone searches for our product on Google and ends up on a landing page. 
2. There they submit a form requesting more information.
3. A new lead is created in Marketo.
4. This new lead is synched to Salesforce and is assigned to a lead qualifier.
5. The Lead Qualifier calls the lead and determines that there is no intent to purchase within 9 months.
6. The Lead Qualifier marks that Lead status as Dead.
7. 1 month later, the same person comes to our site via an email campaign.
8. That person submits another form which updates their record in Marketo.

Here's where it gets sticky:  1. Does a new lead record get created in Salesforce based on the new form submission?  or
Does the LEad record in Salesforce (marked as Dead) get updated with new information?

We want a new lead to be created or for the Dead lead in Salesforce to be resurrected so that our Lead Qualifier will reach out to that person again.

Is this a crazy scenario?  How are others handling this?


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Re: Lead LIfecycle Question

One of the things you can do is in your flow steps for that campaign is to do a check on the existing lead and if the status is Dead, change to open (or whatever your default is) and it will be resurrected - if you just synch it will keep whatever is there.

We use multiple forms and if we have a negative state (Disqualified, Bad Data, Unresponsive, etc) we will update to the handoff state (open) if it is progressing due to another interest (working, contacted, etc) we leave as is so as to not disrupt, but they will see the new activity on the individual.
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Re: Lead LIfecycle Question


You might want to consider changing your statuses to better reflect the process you described.

Instead of "Dead" for a lead that isn't ready, why not say "Nurturing"? Then your system drops that lead into a predefined nurture. If you setup a Reason Code or something else, Marketo can then choose "9 Month Nurture" or something.

To me, Dead or Trash or Unqualified means don't bother ever again. I like Clinton's options for negative states.

Another option is to setup a task to call in 6 months or 5 months so you're in the running for the sale.

Still another option is to automate the task creation with a combination of change Lead Status value and Reason code.

And the option Marketo loves you to use is to set the Lead to Nurture and then have the lead score bubble the person up after enough activity.