Launching a New RCM - Transition Rules & Call Campaigns

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Launching a New RCM - Transition Rules & Call Campaigns

Hello All,

We're in the process of creating and launching a new RCM to better align with some major changes in our Marketing Funnel. We've built the new Marketing funnel in the RCM and have configured all the transition rules with a Campaign is requested trigger as depicted below (Figure 1.)

Figure 1.


The new model has had its stages validated and approved, and the model itself has been approved (figure 2). Yet, we are unable to request the Campaign is requested triggers in the transition rules from any flow steps.

(Figure 2)


The option to select the model and the transition rules do not show up. (Figure 3).


What do we need to configure/enable so that we can request the triggers in the transition rules of the model?

Thanks in advance.


The previous RCM's transitions rules can be found and called with a request campaign flow step.

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Re: Launching a New RCM - Transition Rules & Call Campaigns

Sadly this is NOT how to do this. You can check I may have written a bit about it.

  1. RCE/RCM should be setup as Transitions like "Revenue Stage is Changed from X to Y" which is counter intuitive, but trust me. You can use a similar custom field if you prefer.
  2. Setup a Lead Lifecycle Program (I believe examples exist on the forum as well as in the Program Import)
  3. Your batch and trigger campaigns should define the conditions for moving between Stages. Then in the Flow, it should say " Change Revenue Stage from X to Y" along with any other data changes, etc.
    1. MQL Flow: if Score >=10 AND SFDC Lead AND Status=PreMQL, then Change Revenue Stage=MQL, Change Lead Status=MQL, etc.