Lapsed Customer Email

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Lapsed Customer Email

I'm trying to create a campaign where we email a customer who has not ordered after their first order in the last 4 months. We have two date fields, First Order and Last Order in our database. When a customer first orders, both dates are set to the same value. If the customer has a second order etc. the last order date gets updated each time.

We have a trigger campaign that goes off when the first order field is updated (previous value empty). We then wait 4 months and trigger a second campaign.

It is the second campaign where I'm having some confusion. The trigger is "campaign requested" but i want to filter this so it will only complete if the "last order" date is not in the last 4 months, so that it only triggers with folks that haven't ordered again after their first order. I'm not sure how to use the data operators correctly. What I wish was there was a "not in past" operator.

Should I be setting the filter to "in past before" value "4 months" or is there some better way to setup this campaign to achieve the objective of emailing folks 4 months later that have not ordered again after the first order.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Re: Lapsed Customer Email


"EE Last Order" would be "in past before 4 months" but you will also need to bring in the filter "EE Last Order is not empty". This campaign will only then run for leads that have the "EE Last Order" value populated and it is at least 4 months ago.

There is no "not in past" filter available, but a workaround is creating a smart list with the filter "EE Last Order in past 4 months" so it captures every lead you want to exclude. In this requested smart campaign you would then bring in "Member of Smart List: not in 'EE Last Order in past 4 months'".