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Landing Page Help?

Hi Everyone,

I am completely new to Marketo. I created a landing page with a form on it as well as a thank you page. I'm not sure where to start to create the program to connect it all? I also am unsure how to segment out the people who fill out the form? We would like to be able to see where the individual came from who filled out the form, maybe a segmented list showing from an eblast, newsletter, etc. Just wondering if anyone could give me some direction?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Re: Landing Page Help?

Hi Cody,

Have you checked out Marketo University?  It has some really good videos on how to set up a campaign as you've suggested. 

In simple terms, the thank you page will need to be the 'Follow-Up' page when you build the form into the first landing page.

And to get the different sources you'll need to use UTM parameters in the URL and have them populate hidden fields for the Lead Source, or another field you want to use.

Hope this helps?



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Re: Landing Page Help?

Hi Cody,

Having a landing page with a form to 'thank-you page' does not require a program to tie it all together if you simply want to capture peoples details. If you wanted to add people to a list or send an email after they have filled out the form then you will need to create a program.

If we take the example of wanting to add people to a list after they fill out the form simply follow these instructions -

  1. Create a Smart Campaign in the same Program as your landing page and form. Step by step guide - Define Smart List for Smart Campaign | Trigger - Marketo Docs - Product Docs
  2. Once you have created your trigger (above link instructions) you need to work on your flow. This will require you to create a Static List in your Program. Step by step guide to create your flow - Add to List - Marketo Docs - Product Docs
  3. Once you have followed the steps above you can activate your campaign and test your form - once you have filled out the form your details will appear in the Static List - Simple

As Juli James​ said, you can use UTM parameters in your URL of the landing page which will then populate hidden fields.

You can find guides to achieve this here -

  1. Set a Form Field as Hidden - Marketo Docs - Product Docs
  2. Using the URL Builder - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

When creating a form I always make sure I have 2 fields that are always included, hidden and repopulated - these are

  • Lead Source
  • Lead Source Details

I use lead source to define where the lead that filled out the form came from e.g. 'Promotion' and Lead Source Details should provide more details e.g. '50% Off all shirts'

UTM parameters in URLs simply allow you to get a more details overview of where your lead originated from e.g. Facebook

Shout out if you need anymore help! Hope the above makes sense.