Kientic email support

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Kientic email support

Does Marketo support kinetic (using dynamic and interactive CSS) email development?

Examples: FreshInbox - Dynamic and Interactive (Kinetic) Email Techniques

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Re: Kientic email support

As long as you're creating a specific template for this purpose and are sticking strictly to CSS for kinetic work, you shouldn't have too much trouble. The much bigger problem is just making sure you're targeting clients that can handle kinetic techniques and/or have graceful fallbacks.

I like to play around with advanced email concepts in a Marketo sandbox, and it doesn't seem to strip anything I've run across if the client supports it—and I've pushed in some odd directions for HTML5/CSS3/vendor-specific tag support. The only real hangup is that if you want to inject JavaScript into web views, it's near-impossible.