JS and CSS that has an expiration

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JS and CSS that has an expiration

I'm currently working on optimizing our page load speed and using Google Page Speed as a indicator of my results.

The only thing that does not have a expiration set are the scripts and styles coming from Marketo:
  • http://app-ab04.marketo.com/js/forms2/css/forms2-theme-plain.css (expiration not specified)
  • http://app-ab04.marketo.com/js/forms2/css/forms2.css (expiration not specified)
  • http://app-ab04.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.js (expiration not specified)
  • http://app-ab04.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.min.js (expiration not specified)
  • http://munchkin.marketo.net/149/munchkin.js (expiration not specified)
  • http://munchkin.marketo.net/munchkin.js (expiration not specified)
Is there a way to fix this so that sites aren't dinged for it?
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Re: JS and CSS that has an expiration

Can't comment on the Forms 2.0 components, which are most likely static enough to set a one-day expiry at least , but I imagine the Munchkin scripts were left dynamic because they may need to be able to be adjusted at a moment's notice.  Remember if there's a bug in a Munchkin release it's affecting millions of users/billions of views and to be forced to wait to update it could be agonizing.

Note Munchkin is distributed using a CDN, which makes freshnesss checks extremely lightweight.

Overall sometimes you need to make educated adjustments to the verdict of automated tools.