Issues with Forward to a Friend link

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Issues with Forward to a Friend link

Hi there, 

I have been having issues with this for quite some time now. There seems to be something wrong with my 'forward to a friend' link. I send my test emails to my team to review and sometimes the link works, other times it doesn't for them but it always seems to work for myself. I believe the link is working in the actual email goes out which is what really matters. However, it still makes me skeptical and I am wondering why it wouldn't be working on the test emails.

Does anyone else experience this and have a solution of explanation as to why this is happening?

The link always stays the same. {{system.forwardToFriendLink}}



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Re: Issues with Forward to a Friend link

Test emails (Send Sample) aren't proper tests for lots of things, Velocity tokens being another example. They should be used to test layout only (if that).

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Re: Issues with Forward to a Friend link

I will send an email send (not of the text email, but a real send) to just the people we want to test internally when we want to test things like forward to a friend, etc.