Is there a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' Flow Action?

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Is there a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' Flow Action?

Is there such a thing as 'Not sync lead to SFDC' flow action?

Here's the problem we're facing:
We've synced our Marketo and Salesforce systems but have noticed an issue: a duplicate lead record is being created in Salesforce if a particular lead responds to an email campaign (open/click), even if they already have an existing record in Salesforce. 

I have two questions regarding how we can approach solving this issue:
Question 1:
Is there a vital step we may have missed when setting up our Salesforce integration that makes sure duplicates are not created but rather the existing lead record is updated? 
Question 2:
Can I create a "workaround" campaign that states something along the lines "If lead was delivered email and lead was synced to SFDC, do not sync to SFDC?" 
I tried to create a campaign with this logic but couldn't find a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' flow action:
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Re: Is there a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' Flow Action?


A duplicate lead may get created if the lead is a SFDC COntact and you are trying to assign it to an SFDC Queue. There should not be a duplicate for a click.

If there were existing dupes, Marketo will assign the click to the record that qualified for the original campaign. If that record had not been previously sent to SFDC, it will then sync (if it meets whatever criteria you setup) and create a dupe.

So you should check if you are connecting Programs to SFDC Campaigns as well as whatever MQL sync flow you setup.

I do not believe this is an integration error, but a symptom of your MQL flow and the number of dupes in your system. Ask Support and your SFDC Admin to help investigate this.