IP Restriction for the Likes of Zoom

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IP Restriction for the Likes of Zoom

Has anyone been able to successfully apply IP restrictions for their web services? Specifically, for something as large and dynamic as the Zoom integration? When discussing with our Zoom rep, they directed me to this "Zoom network firewall or proxy server settings" page which shows a metric ton of IP addresses/ranges. Further, they said this isn't exhaustive and may never be due to Zoom's monolithic connections.


Basically, they said that, we can restrict all of these ranges and Zoom may be outside of these at some point in the future. This is essentially the only service we have yet to establish an IP range for before applying IP restrictions within Marketo. Looking to see if anyone else has been able to resolve Zoom or something similar like MS Teams with an undefinable IP address/range?

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Re: IP Restriction for the Likes of Zoom

Marketo makes outbound connections to the Zoom API.