Invalid Emails

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Invalid Emails

I am looking at cleaning our database on the invalid emails (we have alot and we have never looked into how we want to clean them up). We have invalid emails on the prospect side and client side, each would have to be different.

What are some ways you would clean them out, ideally we need to check first if they are invalid and thought putting them into a email campaign to see if they continue to be invalid would help us determine invalids further. We have smart lists built out for Hard Bounces (Invalid, Spam and Technical) but there might be a different smart list that would work better?

Any thoughts, or best practices?

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Re: Invalid Emails

There are several threads on this.

How are you defining "invalid". Would highly recommend NOT emailing those people as it will hurt your reputation.

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Re: Invalid Emails

Hi Tara, if you already have something in place for hard bounces you should be marking those as either invalid or suspended. If you've put a reason for it, that's also helpful because you can review later on why they were invalid or suspended.

I agree with Josh, if you've already decided that email addresses are invalid, I would highly recommend not emailing them again.

I'd also suggest reviewing soft bounces because those can also be an indicator of invalid email addresses even if there isn't a hard bounce. Most of what you want to accomplish should be done looking anecdotally at previous sends rather than a new send, because you're just going to harm your reputation further by continuing to email names that should be removed.