Internal Alert to SFDC Field

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Internal Alert to SFDC Field

I am looking to set up multiple internal alerts to sales reps when leads take specific actions (Request a demo, re-inbound, etc.). The caveat is that I am trying to send this email to a field (BDR Territory Owner Email) that lives on the lead/contact record in SFDC and is pulled into Marketo. 

It looks like the only option within the alert flow step is to send an alert to sales owner (Lead owner?) or account owner. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 1.19.39 PM.png

It does not seem like the send alert to other emails supports a token that would pull the value {{lead.BDR Territory Owner Email}}. 

Does anyone have experience sending an internal alert to a field that is not sales owner or account owner? 

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Re: Internal Alert to SFDC Field

You should be able to use a token in the "To Other Emails" field as documented here: Use Tokens in Flow Steps - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation  But note it will only work in trigger campaigns, not batch.