Re: SF Campaign/Marketo Program person entry date

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Intent based lead routing and business area scoring based on campaign success?

Hi Team,

Our company is set with many business areas, and even though it’s one database, they don’t share leads.

Currently if a lead comes in and it’s assigned to a business area, it stays there forever even if this lead has shown an interest for a different business area. We are trying to change this and the goal is that when a lead turns MQL, we determine first their interest based on how many SF campaigns (Marketo programs) they were part of (success status) as well as take in account the (campaign type/channel) and last campaign to determine who to assign the lead to.

I have the task to set this up in Marketo before it hits the routing rules in SF.

My problem: I can’t find a way to pull leads based on Marketo program entry dates. Any input will be great appreciated.

Thank you

Carla Cabaceira
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Re: SF Campaign/Marketo Program person entry date

Hi Carla,


You may be able to try setting up a triggered campaign that sets a 'Campaign Entry Date' field, triggered based on Program Status Change (which you could set based on particular channels / statuses). Similarly, you could try a 'Campaign Most Recent Response Date' field. It'd be harder to backfill that data though - if you use the Acquisition Program data, you may be able to base the entry date data off of that data. 


Good luck!


Mariah Mattick