Insert HTML table into email from link

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Insert HTML table into email from link

I would like to insert HTML code into my email blast that I am developing. Basically, I want to insert a custom table of information that varies from customer to customer. I am hoping I can do this with a Marketo token.

For example, I have a page that contains the HTML at and I want the HTML code from that page inserted at a specific spot within my template. So that the table shows up all nice.

If I create a link to that page and insert it into the email, all that shows up is the link. I don't want the link, I just want to insert the HTML from the linked page.

Is there a way to do this that doesn't force me to learn complex programming or have to go back to school?


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Re: Insert HTML table into email from link

Hi Rick,

It is not possible for Marketo to pull HTML code from an external site.

The only solution is to push information using the MArketo API.

now you may consider some alternatives such as storing the HTML rows in a custom object in Marketo and use some velocity script token to populate your email.


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Re: Insert HTML table into email from link

Thanks Greg for your quick response, this gives me some ideas to pursue!


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Re: Insert HTML table into email from link

Rick, you can -- although this does explicitly mean programming -- pull HTML data into a lead field using a webhook.

For example, you can allocate a textarea field on every lead to hold the latest chunk of financial information, et al.

Then this field can be updated using triggered webhooks, which are Marketo's pull API, instead of -- or in addition to -- updated using the REST and SOAP push APIs.