Inactive Soft Bounces

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Inactive Soft Bounces


Is there an easy way to mark a contact as inactive if they have soft bounced X number of times? For example, if any contact soft bounces 7 times move them to an inactive list so we no longer email to them.


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Re: Inactive Soft Bounces

Hi Valerie, check out these two posts about how to tackle bounces and unengaged users! These were helpful with building out some cleanup campaigns in our instance. How you remove them from email is up to you. You can add them to a suppression list, mark them as invalid, or even remove from Marketo or CRM.

Part 1: Monitoring Email Deliverability: Bounces - Part I

Part 2: Monitoring Email Deliverability: Unengaged Users – Part II

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Re: Inactive Soft Bounces

What I have implemented is that we mark a lead "email invalid" if they have soft bounced 4 times.

The trigger I use is:

"Email Bounces Soft"

"Email: is any"

"Min. Number of Times: 4"

with the filter:

"Email Invalid: false"

The flow is:

"Change Data Value"

"Email Invalid: New Value: True"

We also mark all email invalids as "marketing suspended".

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Re: Inactive Soft Bounces

This is great, I would only add to have a reason code for the email invalid cause and a email invalid date field to timestamp the invalid.  Adding these fields makes searching and investigations after the fact much easier to conduct.