imported duplicate alert sent to customer??

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imported duplicate alert sent to customer??


I've been importing lists of thousands of leads from our MailChimp lists, starting out with the unsubscribed. Marketo sends an alert email to me about every duplicate, which is annoying enough. I then found out that the sales people are getting the same notification. That's created a bit of an issue. But the potential disaster is that upon looking in each of these alert emails, it seems that the lead themselves also received this email alert. Could someone please tell me if this is the case? It would be truly a disaster if each of our duplicate leads had been emailed like this. I'm hoping it's just

The email reads:

Elan Tanzer via

Jun 10

to me

This is an automated alert to let you know that there were some duplicate leads imported into Marketo for one or more of your leads.

This email was sent to If you no longer wish to receive these emails you may unsubscribe at any time.

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Re: imported duplicate alert sent to customer??

You should call Support and also look for any automated sales alerts in your system.