Re: if (${}=="") && (${}=="") statement

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if (${}=="") && (${}=="") statement

Dear fellow Marketo users,

I am trying to write a script for a "if A and B" statement, meaning two variables in "if statement" instead of just one variable. I researched on the Apache Velocity script site, and found "&&" should be used between two variables. So my script writes as below:

#if(${A} =="xx") && (${B} == "xx")

#set ($xx = "xx")

#elseif (${A} == "xx") && (${B} == "xx")

#set ($xx="xx")


#set($xx = "default")


is there any error in my script? I don't seem to get the result i want, but when i use lead to test it, it shows the default, no error alert..

Any help is appreciated!!

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Re: if (${}=="") && (${}=="") statement

How are you testing it?

Are you 'previewing' the email for the test lead?


actually sending the email in a smart campaign to that test lead?

The first way does not correctly test velocity scripts. You have to 'actually launch' a smart campaign to test it.

Please feel free to reach out if you need help.


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Re: if (${}=="") && (${}=="") statement

Sherry Wang

Just because this is a common error: If ${A} is lead or custom object you have to tick its box in the right hand navigation pane. Otherwise the script won't work.

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Re: if (${}=="") && (${}=="") statement

You might want to try writing it up where the criteria is all inside the parentheses for the if statement. Here's an example of a line with the && criteria:

#if ($xDaysAgo < $marginErrorUp && $xDaysAgo > $marginErrorDown)