Identifying lead based on lead partition

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Identifying lead based on lead partition

Hello Everyone,

We want  to clean our Lead database and found many leads with Lead partition set as "Default". As we have multiple work spaces, Is there a way for us to identify that from which work space did the lead entered/uploaded to Marketo.

We are trying to assign the correct MarketoBU to the lead based on the Lead partition.

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Re: Identifying lead based on lead partition

Hey Abhilash,

You should be able to build a smart list with the filters seen in the screenshot below. May be labor intensive based on the number of partition that you have, but still possible and should help cleanup. Again, not bulletproof, but close.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.34.05 PM.png

You should also be able to see the partition change in the activity log, but that would be a much more labor intensive solution as it requires you to review one record at a time.

Hope this helps!