Identify Dupes Between Specific Partitions

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Identify Dupes Between Specific Partitions

We have multiple different lead partitions for our multiple business units that like to cross-market to each other. I'm trying to figure out a way to identify the duplicates that exist on specific partitions so we can easily exclude those email addresses from our cross-promotion. I have a Workspace with visibility into all of our Workspaces so I'm able to set up a Smart List that identifies duplicate email addresses that exist in all partitions, but I'm not sure how to narrow it down to only identify duplicates that exist in both Partition 1 and Partition 3. So even if Partition 1 has duplicates with Partition 2, they won't show up in my Smart List.

Is this possible to identify in Marketo as a targetable Smart List?

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Re: Identify Dupes Between Specific Partitions

This is a pretty thorny issue. Theoretically, Marketo would reject such dupes or warn you when new ones occur with that email if they attempt to enter another LP. I forget the exact rules on this.

But you are right that you can't just figure it out. Because your smart list could say.

Dupes: Email Address


Lead Partition=1 OR 2

and you wouldn't really know where the dupes are unless your Lead View shows Lead Partition, which it can do. Then you can download the list.

BUT, you may not see dupes by Name, etc.

so I'd recommend processing dupes in another system and perhaps flagging them by SFDC ID to better identify these cross-partition issues.

I believe there's another way using Field stamping or something.