How to stylize tokens?

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How to stylize tokens?

Hello! I'm adding a calendar token to one of my emails as a "save the date" type of promotion, but I've noticed that the token strips the css stylized code that makes it look like there's a button in the email, and instead just turns into hyperlinked text. Is there a way to stylize tokens? I tried plugging in the token in the href as well, but it still stripped the code.

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Re: How to stylize tokens?

Make sure to post questions to Products (your post was just moved by a moderator).

Marketo Calendar tokens are are rendered as prebuilt <A> elements.  You can set the inner HTML using the Hyperlink Text textbox, though there naturally are limitations if you have very complex and/or preexisting markup in mind.

Naturally I believe you'll find more flexibility and functionality (such as reminders and all-day events) using an link instead, which can be placed in any markup, used in an Email Script token, etc.