How to Run a Primary Role List?

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How to Run a Primary Role List?

Have tried a bunch of ways unsuccessfully over the years---How do I build a list of leads the have primary roles in SF Opportunities? Basically, I'm trying to build some funnel reports that focus on recent new business for leads in primary roles (or get rid of people without primary roles). Would also like to trigger some onboarding when a new biz deal becomes won for primary users.

What I'd Like

Member of Opportunity = True

  • Primary is true
  • Added to opportunity in past 90 days
  • Type is NEW

Sounds straightforward, right?

The Issues:

I have tried all kinds of combinations around  this with no luck.

  1. Has Opportunity filter does not have an Is Primary or Added to Opportunity constraint. I believe this would be one of the simplest solutions. A possible feature request.
  2. Opportunity was Updated filter (and trigger) also is missing an Is Primary constraint. A possible feature request.
  3. Added to Opportunity (and trigger) sounds like a great solution. However, there are issues where someone was added without a role, and then changed to a primary role later (or vise versa). Or a new biz deal changed from new to upsell (or vise versa) and I can't constrain the change to primary users.
  4. Another complication--Multiple Opportunities. Someone could have both a new opportunity and an upsell opportunity at the same time. This throws off the ability to rely on multiple versions of above.
  5. Segments. I went off the board and tried building Segments to address mutually exclusive rules  for #4. That went nowhere fast as Segments are limited to the Has Opportunity filter (See #1 limitations).

Anyone find any workarounds? I'm thinking of going to old school Marketo thinking and use Add to List combinations.

Of course, Marketo could just make it easier by adding an Is Primary constraint (And add in Roles too).

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Re: How to Run a Primary Role List?

Some thoughts Jeff:

  • do most opps have more than 1 Contact Role? Doubtful, but it depends.
  • if multiple, could you setup an SFDC trigger to populate a field on the Contact or Opp with their name/ID?
  • Opp Types - you should be able to do this via Opp Record Type ID or a picklist.

From what I've seen, this data is heavily dependent on SFDC info and process for Opps.

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Re: How to Run a Primary Role List?

Thanks Josh. Let me give that some more thought. Maybe one work around is to do a SF workflow to help manage the process as you suggested.

Yes, multiple roles are used which is which we are trying to pinpoint the primary ones.