How to manage phone prospecting lists

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How to manage phone prospecting lists


I'd be very curious to learn how you guys handle your phone-only prospecting lists. Let's say we have compiled a list of leads for sales prospecting purpose. This list only contains phone numbers but no email address. What would be your process to make these leads available to your sales force, but also to make sure marketing takes the relay in the event we get an email address? In the context of having a Marketo / configuration.

My process would be as follow, but I'm not sure this is the best way to do it:
1/ Import the list of leads + phone numbers to
2/ Prevent the import of leads with no email address to Marketo
3/ Sales team contact each lead.
4/ When they get an email address, they fill it in Making sure to mark the lead as opted-in if we got it.
5/ Lead is then synced to marketo
6/ Lead goes to a nurturing track according to his profile.

Actually, what troubles me is that I always import leads in Marketo and having to do it the other way around makes me afraid these leads will be somehow out of control if not in Marketo, as I set the lead source and other important marketing / reporting data in Marketo.

Also, what would you do in the same case but with a mailing list email adress like

Thanks for your support.

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Re: How to manage phone prospecting lists


I would only import to Marketo for all leads, to prevent dupes. If the entire list has no email addresses, then it prob is better to import to SFDC as an SFDC Campaign list and have them call it down.
  1. import to marketo
  2. add to list (default)
  3. (optional) possibly add to SFDC Campaign = Call List April 2014
  4. Member Statuses related to called, not called, not responded, responded, etc
  5. Alternative - run a flow and assign a task to Lead Owner if you assigned leads to a person