How to handle registrations beyond GoToWebinar max?

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How to handle registrations beyond GoToWebinar max?


We're using the GoToWebinar and Marketo adapter, and we've hit the maxinum number of registrants. What would be your suggestion on what to do? Should we keep the registration open? Should we remove the form from the landing page?

GoToWebinar will allow more registrations to come in but won't allow everyone to attend. For example, if you have 800 registrations but your subscription limit is 500, then only 500 of the 800 people that registered could actually attend. Regarding the actual attendance, it's "first come, first serve".

Ultimately we are going to keep the registration open, and send an email to the first 500 registrants 1hr prior to give them a heads up that they should sign in to the webinar ASAP to secure their set.

I see available progression statuses for Pending Approval and Wait Listed. Does anyone suggest using the "Manual approval of Registrants" method?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: How to handle registrations beyond GoToWebinar max?

Yes, you can set those people to Wait Listed and then Approve them as Registered manually.

GTW may figure this out automatically too if you've set it up to handle overbooking as wait listed.