How to get all program members which were updated

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How to get all program members which were updated

Hi All,

I am working on an application which fetches the daily changed data from marketo to build out some information on our product dashboard. 

I am facing problem with fetching all program members which were updated from the last sync. 

We need to filter it by program Ids. 

Is there a way we can know all the programs who have program members association which got updated in given time frame? 

Right now i query using the programs which got updated from last sync and only fetch program members for those programs. But I am not sure is it the correct way

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Re: How to get all program members which were updated

"Change Data Value" activities don't include the program membership of a person in the activity export. IMHO, you can add people of interest (i.e., program members) as a filter in your GET CDV activities API (regular/bulk) call to ensure you only get the activity extract of people you desire. CDV and Program Membership are rather unrelated items compared to Change Progression and program membership. A person can have one or the other, or both (i.e., have CDV regardless of being a program member or not, unlike Change Progression), you'd have to employ filtering logic to get the export of activities you desire.