How to Flag New Leads that are Actually Customers?

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How to Flag New Leads that are Actually Customers?

I'm trying to improve a process that sends new leads from existing accounts to a renewal team. The goal is to save the new biz team the time of reviewing and reassigning the leads...and get the leads to the renewal team faster.

As an example, if HP is a customer and a new lead comes in via a trade show from HP, the goal is to flag that lead and send it directly to the existing account team. There is also some discussion of auto converting it to the Account.

To clarify, using SF.

The Nonscalable Process for Flagging these New Leads

I know a global smartlist of customers can be created like below. But that list would need continuous maintence and would not be accurate. Using HP as an example, would have to create a rule like below. Multiple this effort times thousands of customers and this becomes a nightmare.
  • Email address includes:,,
  • Company names includes:  HP, Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett Packard, etc

Any other Ideas?
Anyone doing something else?

Would love to see a vendor create some kind of webhook that does all the heavy lifting of finding all the permutations of a company name/email address.
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Re: How to Flag New Leads that are Actually Customers?

Hey Jeff >> If you're using SFDC, Check out LeanData. 

They fix this whole issue by automatically converting leads to accounts. Which grabs all the account based information (like whether they are a customer). Then you could write a simple smart campaign/ workflow to alert the renewals team. 

Shouldn't be difficult with LD.