How to create a MQL report?

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How to create a MQL report?

Hi All,

I want to create a report that can reflect # of MQL leads in last 7 days.

I tried to setup smart list by lead score changed > 100, but the number doesn't seem right to me.

Did anyone create this report previously?

Thanks in advance!



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Re: How to create a MQL report?

Hi Kelly,

Set your list with a "data value change" filter, instead of a "score changed", but  and the following constrains:

  • attibute : lead score
  • previous value <= 100
  • new value > 1000
  • timeframe: last 7 days.

Now, you should consider change the status of the lead to MQL when it reaches 100 and then you will be able to look at a change data value on the status field.


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Re: How to create a MQL report?

Do you have Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE); and do you have a revenue model set up?  If so, using RCE may give you more accurate results.  Also, does a score > 100 points automatically signify an MQL; or does that trigger some additional BANT qualification before officially converting to an MQL?