How to capture the Date and time of Registration?

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How to capture the Date and time of Registration?


Is there a way I can get the registration date as a field in marketo. Should I create a Custom field for this time stamp?

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Re: How to capture the Date and time of Registration?

Hi Poornima,

You always have a trace in the activity log (either with a change program status or a filled out form). But if you really need it for reports or export, the custom field with a triggered smart campaign to populate it will be the best way. In your smart campaign, you will have to use a change data value flow step with {{}} or {{system.datetime}} as a new value.

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Re: How to capture the Date and time of Registration?

In order to capture the date and time your marketo form was filled, you should do below-

1) Create a container/bucket to capture this data

2) Either ask your audience to fill the data (which is ridiculous ) or command your system to fill (which smart marketers do )

Details on above-

1) Bucket/container is the custom field which you will have to create by going into admin panel. Under admin panel, go to field management and then create Custom Field. Define what type of data do you want to capture, which is date & time to be obvious. Give the name to this field. API name is assigned automatically.

2) Once you can created the field, you have to command system to fill the date and time in this field. Now go to the program where you have defined certain steps to be taken post form fill. Create one more step in the Flow section of your smart campaign to change the Data value of this field after the form is filled. In attributes, select your field name and under date mention thi system token- {{system.dateTime}}.

Now fill the form and run your report so check if the date and time is getting captured or not.

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Gautam Malik